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Anonymous said: “The primary issue (by far) around which the South wanted sovereignty was that of slavery. If the south didn’t want to preserve the abhorrent institution of slavery then they would have never seceded”

If you really believe that, you should say; “The primary reason the seven states seceded was slavery.”.

But you aren’t doing that here. You are saying that the War was fought over slavery. You’re not alone in this error, many people say the exact same thing. However, secession and the purpose for the war are two completely different topics.

And regardless of what anyone in this world says, secession is one peaceful remedy for tyranny. Every people have a right to throw off their governments and start over. Governments are created by the people. The people are not created by the governments. The people make the rules. It’s by the consent of the governed.

Every State in the Union is soverign. They have their own flag, they have their own people, their own governments, their own Constitutions. The States are merely joined to one another by compact, an agreement that they sign onto, that they agree to uphold. If the other members refuse to go along with that compact, the problem isn’t the States who are abiding by the compact, the problem are those who are violating it. The Northern states were violating the U.S. Constitution. If they couldn’t follow the Constitution perhaps they should have seceded?

The Seven Southern states didn’t leave the Union for no reason at all. There were violations and there were some shady practices taking place. Southern tax dollars being used to build Northern infrastructure was but one of the issues.

This idea that the South left the union because they wanted to keep their slaves is a bit simple. Why wouldn’t the South be able to keep their slaves? There was no amendment to end slavery. It wasn’t like someone proposed the current 13th amendment and it was on the verge of being ratified (Which is what should have happened if the North wanted to end slavery).

As I’ve pointed out too many times, the exact opposite is true, the Northern dominated congress proposed and passed an amendment to protect the institution of slavery. Some will argue that the Congress was doing everything it could to stop the South from leaving, hoping to win them back into the Union. But then that would of course mean that slavery was no issue at all.

And why didn’t the North want to end slavery in the United States? And why wouldn’t the North be happy that the South seceded and became their own Union? What’s to lose if the South leaves the Union? What’s the problem with the North? Wouldn’t 26 States be a big enough Union? I thought the union started with 11 and eventually 13? I had just assumed that more than 1 state could make up a union? When Pennsylvania joined Delaware, that’s the first United States, right? With all that in mind, It’s perplexing that 26 States weren’t enough to make a Union and Washington DC had to violently attack the Seven Southern states to “SAVE THE UNION”.

Inscribed in the Lincoln temple in Washington DC


The South knew that 7 States were more than enough for a Union. I believe South Carolina would have stood alone, outside of any union.
Look at Europe, how long did they go without a Union and now England is working on getting out of it – will England be able to exist without belonging to that Union?

It wasn’t just seven States that seceded, four more who didn’t want to secede immediately seceded when Lincoln pulled his Fort Sumter stunt. And more joined a little later on. Lincoln’s actions convinced the others that South Carolina was right. Lincoln and the republican party were tyrannical and had very bad intentions. And as each day went forward Lincoln’s tyrannical foolishness was manifested.

And listen to this creep tell the world that the South has nothing to worry about.

In his first Inaugural address (March 4, 1861), Abraham Lincoln said: “Apprehension seems to exist among the people of the Southern States that by the accession of a Republican Administration their property and their peace and personal security are to be endangered. There has never been any reasonable cause for such apprehension. Indeed, the most ample evidence to the contrary has all the while existed and been open to their inspection. It is found in nearly all the published speeches of him who now addresses you.”

A month later he starts a War against the people of the Southern States. THE MOST AMPLE EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY HAS ALL THE WHILE EXISTED …

What a snake! A conniving snake.

back to secession …

One of the reasons for secession was the Constitutional violations concerning slavery – I’ll gladly agree. It’s spelled out in South Carolina’s declaration of secession.
I will not and have no reason to believe that slavery had anything to do with the Northern invasion.

The North wasn’t filled with gullible people who would gladly run off and die while trying to kill Southerners. There were a good number of people who were speaking out against Lincoln and his war. Lincoln used the military to shut them down, scare the hell out of them, terrorize them. Lincoln illegally suspended the writ of habeas corpus. A good number of the Maryland legislature were locked away in Fort McHenry. A U.S. Congressman was deported, 300 Northern News Papers shut down, tens of thousands of dissenters arrested – with no trial. Draft protestors were murdered in the streets of New York.

This idea that the North were fighting to free slaves isn’t any part of history, it is a myth, it’s revisionist history. And when you correct it, people will proclaim that you’re the neo-confederate revisionist. Like most everything in this world, it’s upside down.

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